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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shadow of Albion

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I never read fantasy or science fiction (Harry Potter notwithstanding), so I was surprised that this one interested me. It can somewhat be explained by the fact that it was a Florida trip freebie (my folks rented a home that had been sold, it's contents were somewhat up for grabs...funny me, I only got away with a couple of books. Figures).

It's hard to describe the premise, save to say it is a combination of historical fiction (the Regency period) and time-travel, with alternate history thrown in as a result. Now, I enjoy my British history as much as any other public-school educated American, so this one confused me in several ways. But I think it would confuse even those of you who are up on your British AND American history, since the outcome messes with both.

Just put all that out of your mind and admire the atmosphere created by the author. You'll be fine.


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