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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

7 Stages of Motherhood

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I read this from the very beginning (covering pregnancy & dealing with a newborn, a time I'd rather forget) to the end (teenagers leaving the nest), despite the fact I'm really only dealing with a toddler right now.

My only hangups regarding this book are my own:

1) Uncomfortable passages where she talks about the deep biological link between mother and child (I was adopted, and have a good friend with an adopted son two months younger than my daughter - so, no recommending this book to her).

2) Her own working mom status (throughout her children's lives; I've chosen to stay home, and didn't feel my "story" was covered or given much consideration).

3) Her status as an urban mom (again, I'm in the suburbs, dealing with intense isolation; she regularly croons about her girlfriends and the amount of her sanity saved by having them).

Otherwise, a comforting and enjoyable read. I especially enjoyed the following:

"I actually found what I thought was an ancient grocery list not long ago, which read as follows: 'Three raisins, eight ounces milk, four grape halves, two bites toast, two cups bathwater, one M&M, one third breadstick, one-half teaspoon toothpaste.' I couldn't imagine why I had saved this bizarre scrap of paper, but then it hit me: It was a list of what Nicholas had eaten one Sunday, prompted by my aunt remarking that he looked 'scrawny.'" (pg. 102)

Hee. I can totally relate right now.


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