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Monday, February 28, 2005


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I really wanted to like this book. I absolutely loved Gregory's The Other Boylen Girl, and I'm still looking forward to The Queen's Fool, so I have a passion for historical literature.

This book actually reminded me of Anne Rice's The Witching Hour in that I almost did not finish it (I have never finished Rice's book. It actually gave me nightmares). The problem with Wideacre was not subject matter or creepy detail (as it was with Witching Hour), it was in a main character I just could not like. Still, I did finish Wideacre, and I'm compelled to think it was Gregory's ability to build tension and make history fascinating without overwhelming you that made me read on.

But sorry, no matter how spunky or strong or passionate Beatrice appears, I found her (and her effect on others) unnerving and disturbing. And it wasn't just the incest with her brother Harry. It was the total destruction of a truly interesting world. Gregory spent the novel building it, only to tear it down at the end (or rather, burn it down...but, I give away too much...)


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