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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Knocked out by my Nunga-Nungas

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This series is just plain fun. I love the glossary of British teen expressions in the back. The author has a great voice and you find yourself thinking, if not talking (my British accent sucks), just like the lead character -- at a breakneck pace, full of witty observations and self-depreciating comments.

I can read one of these in a day, which tells me the publishers are milking it; all of the books could be combined into one big one, but then the publishers wouldn't make as much money, right? (No, not bitter about my experience in publishing at all, not me!) That's my only gripe. As if teenagers wouldn't be caught dead with a big, thick book in their hands. It's much "cooler" to carry short pocket-sized (or backpack-sized) books, I guess. And get ripped off to the tune of $21 for three smaller books, as opposed to $6.99 for one big one.

Then again, series are the "thing."


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