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Friday, March 18, 2005

Images and Shadows

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I slogged through this one, but it was worth it. The author lived a privileged life, pampered but not spoiled, realistic and open to new experiences. As E would say, and by her own description, she was an Ugly Duckling who grew up to be "just an ugly duck," but she never feels sorry for herself nor does she play the easy role of a self-depreciating humorist.

She was a smart, observant woman who did what she couldto help while living in Italy during WWII. I particularly enjoyed her passages about living a writer's life, which she was lucky enough to choose. She and her husband rebuilt an Italian villa from its ruins, during a war which further ravaged the countryside and destroyed the old way of life there. She leaves passages about the death of her young son to the very last, and never quite explains it all, but leaves you heartbroken and thankful she was able to share what she could.

I've put her war diary, War in Val D'Orcia, on my wish list.


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